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Spring Reins of Life

When death touches our families, each individual grieves in their own unique way.  Adults often find consolation in spouses, loved ones, friends and counselors.  Children effected by the loss of a grandparent, parent, sibling, relative or friend can be forgotten due to their silent nature as they grieve.  Children are often silent, not because they eschew the bereavement process, but because words often fail them in this new and unchartered territory.  Dealing with death is uncomfortable and difficult for adults to process, how can we expect children to deal with death effectively with their limited life experience and vocabulary?

Fortunately, a therapy exists that allows children to work through the bereavement process effectively.  It allows grief to work to resolution, through quiet bonding and whispering secrets to a friend, a horse.

Spring Reins of Life is a 501c3 that assists children through the bereavement process.

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